little help please

I am really struggling to get into blender. So this may be common knowledge but I don’t get it. I’ve consulted tutorials and the book but none of them help. I have these buttons on the ginger bread man Gus. When Gus walks the buttons travel with him but do not move with him. As Gus moves forward the buttons do too but they don’t turn and bend with the main mesh when I move his armature. They are a separate object. I just can figure this out. Any help would be great. Thank you.

are the buttons and the body a seperate mesh?

yes the buttons and the body are a seperate mesh is that bad?

No, have you parented them to the main mesh? Or have the armature affect them as well?

Wha? I didnt understand the first question but can I have the armature efect more than one mesh? And how does that first one work? I am very confused. Thanks for all your help though. I just never heard of that stuff. please explain.

To move an object with another animated object like in your example, you have to make one parent an other child…

To make this select first the object taht will be the child an the one that will be the parent, so in your example first de button then the body, and press Ctrl + P and in the next menu click “Make parent”.

Now test the animation…

and to move more than one object with the armature, just add the armature modifier to the object and select the main armature.