little princess

today i like to share the results of my work i did the last three weeks. my goal was to do a rigged character, and render it in different poses trying to capture a personality, as well… there were quite a number of things i had to learn for this, and it was fun…

i used blender (90 %), zbrush (5%) and substance painther (5%). most work is done in blender, basemesh sculpting, most reopo work, uv, rigging with rigify and then enhance the rig for the clothing, lots of hair systems, and of course rendering. in zbrush were done a few retopo works, and fine detail sculpting and base normal map creations and a displacement map. i used substance painter (demo) for painting all textures, bump, spec maps etc, and refining the normal maps. photoshop was used for postwork.

first i like to share the renders, and in a next pose i will show a few images that give an idea of the creation process. i hope you will enjoy :slight_smile:

and now a few images to give a hint how it was done:

the girl, sculpting in dynatopo:

i did retopo in blender for best control of edgeflow (head is retopo in zbrush via zremesher)

princess finished but not yet rigged. i was trying different colors for the dress.

her rig (and there is an addition rig for the frills)

and how the roses were done, i had shown this previoisly here, but i want put it here too for completeness of info.

Being the first to comment on this, let me say WOW! Beautiful art here, as always, doris :slight_smile: Everytime’s a pleasure when it comes to looking over your most recent projects!!

WOW That’s an outstanding render Doris! :wink:

WOW from me as well.
So much and interesting work.
And, the Degas version is my favorite.

Beautiful! I love it, great job!!!

Really nailed the Degas influence on the last one :slight_smile:

bossestrenders, thank you. i am glad you enjoy my work :slight_smile:
tsf, glad to hear, thank you!
michalis, thank you. the degas piece was actually an idea one of my blog readers had, and i wanted try it.
matt, thank you, yes i only changed the poses and details, but kept everything else.