Little problem with clone brush (offset depending on view?)

I have a stone. Unwrapped with “uv unwrap” in Uvmap named 1( at example).
Same stone “unwrap from view” in uvmap named 2.
Then i go to texture paint, clone brush, select uvmap 1 from object data menu and in project paint i select clone from uvmap 2.
Problem is that if i paint a face of a stone with viewport from example angle 10, distance 10, i have the texture projected in one way, when i move viewport and paint in same spot the texture offsets.

It’s not supposed to copy exactly what he sees from uvmap2? Am i missing something?


You can see in example B ( except the bad stretching on the right:D) under the brush that the texure(same white line) has moved respect to ex. A ,even with same settings.