Little Robot

Here is a little robot I worked on for a half of a day. Just was wondering what you guys thought about my new project and was wondering about your critiques. Can you tell which is the photo (j/k). Blender rocks. Rendered in Yafray, hope to render it in yafaray sometime though.

Yeah, I like this. Maybe a render in indigo would be a nice comparison.

cool!!! ur robot looks like those robots from The Jetsons

It is hard to tell which the photo is, but my guess is the top one. Looks remarkably real.

sweet render :o

So real!! Can we see a wire too? Why the pinkish tinge in the second?

Alright, the second one is the real render. The reason there is a pinkish tinge is because of the hdri map I am using. I recall using the st peters. The zig zag lines at the top of the body and the little arrow things were modeled in MoI. I just couldn’t get good results in blender for that exactness.

LOL - Love the roach-clip hands!

OMG thats sick! I really though that was real. Damn, I wanted to buy it for my son.

Very nice. Could we see it in the same pose as the photo?
Also there is perhaps a bit too much bump or the spec is too high. As the reflections are kinda sharp and jaggedy.

But I like it none the less. Trying it with a different HDR map might make it look more like the top one. Something a little darker and bluer?

Good job none-the-less! Keep it up!

Thanks, I do hope to get a better HDR map.


im curious on how you got that little metal effect on it, the little speckles/bumps on the metal… i see all these renderings and i don’t think they are mostly blender, i am rather new to blender and i am starting to make a game myself, and i want to produce at least half decent renders, but they always seem to come out… rather plain.

Pretty cute (the bumps are probably a noise texture set to disp or normal)

That’s exactly what I did, but this is not a game. I rendered it in yafray.

Looking sweeet! Very nice one! Only crit, the bevels seem somewhat too small, therefor it looks bigger than it supposed to look IMO. Perfectly lit though!