this is only one model , it’s only a part of my new work…

…and here is other : Little stupid duck


:smiley: That’s cute!
No crits.

Great turtle shell!

Awwwwwww. that’s so damn adorable :expressionless:

i really like the texture for the legs, it looks great. i think that the eyes should be brighter or have more emit value though. they seem kind of dark.

overall it look great :slight_smile:

hey why is he stupid?! :frowning:

i love this lil’ thingy! :smiley:

and btw: is it spelled “Turle” on purpose?

hehe I know , I lost “t” somewhere :):):slight_smile:

i love it, only crit, the texture for the skin gets bunched up and stretched in some places

Turtles don’t have feet, that there is a tortoise. :wink:

nice design btw.

ITS A TURLE! I guess they have feet…

This is well cool, makes me wanna grow a tache, eat a mushroom and jump on it!

He’s the best 3d turtle I’ve seen in a loooong damn time!

One meager crit… the eye lids and under-lids, look a bit pasted into the head, like there should be a transition or a wrinkle or something…

But still gotta love the turtle…

The expression is captured very well. The eyes have a very hazy feel to them, which is most likely the reason to why you called your turtle “stupid”.

It’s a nice model, though the skin texture bothers me, I think there could be more definition (more scales and of various sizes) around tighter areas where there mould be more movement (around the eye lids, arms, and other joints).

Also the environment clashes, I find it odd how the turtle is standing on flat ground with a flat material of grass, while in back of the turtle there are thin grass blades. I think you should add noise to the ground mesh to add some physical texture to give the ground more of a moss look.

for a litle tur(t)le it has a damn big head :stuck_out_tongue: sweet but the feet should be like elephant one’s.

btw tur(t)le’s usualy have a shell on their belly aswel, making contact with eachother causes it to look like a grenade with holes.

Is his backfeet going through the shell?

Very cute and nice picture. Good model and great texturing. Well done. :wink:

I like this character a lot, but one thing bothers me.

It appears that the skin texture is applied as a cube instead of a sphere. (what is the proper name for those buttons in the material preview pane?) What I mean is that the primary direction of the texture runs horizontally around the head like bricks on a building instead of curving around like a turtle’s skin wirinkles.

The only reason this stands out to me is that this character is so cool I want it to be perfect. :wink:

and this is a duck…little stupid duck