Little Tale

Little Tale (Concept by Art of Celia Kaspar​)
Put a bit more time into this one. I hope you like it :smiley:
By the way … Happy Birthday Celia! :smiley:

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This is brilliant… Nice work

Really nice :slight_smile:

Nice to see you back sculpting again :smiley:

It really does look excellent

Very nice work.

The thumbnail looked like a horse throwing up. Glad it was much more than that. Great scultping. Love the texturing and lighting. Feels like it needs a little SSS or maybe a fresnel , or maybe adjust the AO. Seems to dark in the shadows.

Thanks and OMG I haven’t thought of that but I think it does kinda look like its throwing up XD
Some sss would look good I think but I am aiming more at that rough, diffuse, rock shading :wink:
I actually like it when it has very bright and dark places but I think the shadows on the horse could have been more soft :confused:

This is very well done. I like the concept and the 3D adaptation. I took a look at Celia Kapar’s website and I feel you transposed the spirit of her nice concepts excellently.

Beautiful horse! I haven´t got the hang on sculpting yet.

yeah, this is very impresive… five stars!!!

Thanks a lot! :smiley:
Just found out about the star-rating-system … how did I not notice this Oo

solid work as usual

all done in the Blender, or no?

I don’t know how, but on the first fraction of second, I saw something very different on the tumbnail of Blender artists home page. But it still involved a girl and a horse. But anyway, great work !

Oh god XD
I really love your comments of what you see at first glance in my picture! Keep it up ;D

Beautiful! What a team you and your sister make… Talented family! :smiley:

Very nice shader and image in general.

Well a bit of photoshop in the end but it was all modeled in blender and rendered in cycles :wink:


Awesome :yes: