LittleOTO-The return (tutorial)

Hello to all
I have a new site and a new tutorial
If you want to check it’s here:

I hope that this will be useful

Cool tutorial, your skinning technique was new to me. Ive tried writing tutorials before and there a real pain in the ass and it looks like you put a lot of effort into it, great work!

Nice work OTO! Good to see an up to date tutorial. Not many around at present.
Hopefully this will change now that Blenders future looks brighter.

Liked the other tutorials on your site too. Much appreciated!



you have saved my life. That modelling tutorial that you have created is excellent. It is well written and well illustrated. Wow! Thank very much for the quality work that you put into producing this tutorial.

Cool tutorial! Great work! :stuck_out_tongue:

Added you on the list :wink:


It’s a nice tut OTO, one thing I want to mention is in a way you CAN save face groups. Not really, but if you select the faces for a group, then go into edit mode (while your still in face select) the vertices that make up those faces will be selected. Than you can assign the vertexes to a vertex group (Like FACEG1 or something).
When you mess up, you can go into edit mode while in face select, deselect all the vertices, choose the vertex group, and hit the select button. When you go out of edit mode those faces will be selected again.

-Very good work.

thanks, I was looking for a tutorial just like that. next project up, right after I fix my pinball game. (counter don’t work and the targets won’t fall over.)


So THAT’S how you can make precise UV mapping (among others thingss)… WAY COOL!

Thanks OTO! Very, VERY useful!

Thank you!!
You’re all very kind.

And speciall thanks to Saluk fo the great tip!!


what the hell is wrong with my internet explorer?!!! i cant download any pages, wtf did i do wrong?!!! :x

you’re tutorial is great, thanx!