Just another little project of mine. Completed over a couple of weeks.

As always, absolutely no planning went into this!

Small planets are normally not that round. It is because the gravity is smaller due to smaller mass, and it is not enough to deform the matter to sphere.

Of course in the fantasy world planets can be small and round, but it gets us humans visually to think something is wrong. One suggestion would be to cut the picture smaller, the whole planet does not need to be visible. See some photos e.g. with google about Little Prince, and pay attention to the proportions of the planets compared to the picture size. In your picture we see quite too much of clouds and sky, and these gets us again to compare the dimensions and trying to find why things are not quite ok.

I love it, nice job!
I was thinking about doing something like this sometime…

Super Mario Galaxies anybody?

Nice work, personally i’d have a world like this over a realistic chunk of rock…

Cool; I like this kind of ideas.
@ Extra guy why not! but i need Nintendo, I’m a PC gamer more than a game console!

Wow! Nice concept. You should make an inhabitant…

I love it!

Reminds me a Psychonauts. :wink:

I can tell you now, that any chance of me making a realistic human is next to none…
I should probably get that sorted, because having a little dude in this picture would be neat!

I like this one a lot, I can almost imagine walking on it, out the door of the little house etc, very surreal :slight_smile:

Who said anything about “Human”?:wink:

Great image. I would bring the camera in a little close though, too much empty space in the image.

It might be neat to have it raining on dark side of the planet :slight_smile:

nice shot, i think maybe a dramatic rim light would be sweet :slight_smile:

This is ridiculously unrealistic, ridiculously out of proportion, and ridiculously cool. :smiley: There’s even a sign post explaining where to go to the stupid, rofl. I like it.

I agree with Asano, though, there’s too much empty space. Either make the pic smaller, or pull the planet in more.

Thanks guys!
The position and presentation of this render is as a widescreen wallpaper. I’ll work on filling that space in the next couple of days and giving you a fresh render!

Final, final version.

I think it is much better now! You may need to reconstruct the top part of your lighthouse because it propably has some wrong directed normals or duplicated faces, which causes the dirty effect. And maybe try a bit more happy feeling color for the grass, more light or stronger emitting material for it.

ever heard of creativity?

oh yeah that’s the non photo realistic crowd.
Actually this reminds me of a tutorial from Carrara3?2?
you create pretty much the same thing with a uv mapped road, big buildings, ect…
I was instantly reminded of it.

This is however a much better result.

My critics were about the earlier picture, it is not visible any more because he has changed it now.

Another update. Maybe this should be moved into the Work in Progress area :smiley: