Liu Yifei (Chinese celebrity)

He’s probably an under cover modeler.

thanks ,I am an artist first and foremost. After using 3d software for two or three years, I became interested in programming, so I taught myself programming (C++).So I used two accounts in BA.Publish different things separately.
this is my facebook:


Oh yeah, I know your bilibili account as well, wasn’t aware it’s you.
Anyway, congrats man, you rock! Me jelly!

So casually, talented and smart!? Rub it in our noses! :wink:

I share this material here:female and material


This is so nice… even if my computer will almost explode :wink: (i3,8Gb,internal graphics…) Very interesting to see such setup. Thanks again.
Edit: Don’t worry… it didn’t explode and it is some kind of funny that a file from someone who asked something a few hours ago almost stopped me from doing anything on my PC and this one just works… because the author @imdjs3d know the tools, effective use of it and a resource preserving workflow (no CUDA here):

Okay 25 min for 8 samples… (and i’m posting an image with work not from me for reference :wink: ; don’t wanna offend against some forum rules)

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the model of the blend file that I release to the google drive is not the same face as I post here ,but the material and maps are the same.

Doesn’t matter this is awesome and the textures are all only bw !!! I have a lot of reserach to do… :hot_face: too bad one can’t give more than one like/heart which will be counted :frowning: so here is another on :heart: :+1: (also almost against the rules)


its deleted/empty the folder :disappointed:

Upload again

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You are awesome dude. Be very proud of this one. I´d love to see more of your work.

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Another Angle

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I try to use the material to simulate the color gradient of this kind of bright dark relationship, dark (red) → grey (yellow) → bright (white), using the default material is not able to do this effect. Can only use different color overlay, but the effect is not too ideal.
I hope that there is a material that can have color gradient according to the intensity of the glossy.
sadly the shader to RGB node is disable in cycles, *This node is perfect for the color gradient I want.

color gradient.blend (1.4 MB)

update one image, Modified head body ratio


hi, your material files look like this in 3.1, can you fix that in the current uploaded material you have?..

also why you used so many setups for just a SSS and diffuse, and unnecessary mixing of the skin details textures with nodes like that​:joy::sweat_smile: