Liu Yifei (Chinese celebrity)

This 3D work is a model made based on the Chinese star (Liu Yifei)
original model and texture (hand painted) with rigging created in blender(render with cycles).

update2023-2: modify the skin material and eye mesh.

updated 2022 02 01

A slight modifications:


rigging (use this ghost-ik )

I share this material here:female and material


Bravo!Realistic details ,Perfect model,Perfect bones and Great work!


Great work, congrats.

thank you.

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where can i find inflammation on rigging like this?

That’s a gorgeous likeness. Very accurate, and the particle hair is great too. Since you’re showing off some of your maps, any chance we can see the diffuse?

Nice model!

The diffuse map is just a simple color, and her details are superimposed by other maps, such as bump,Displace, speck, Hight light, etc.
All the maps were painted by hand


I use this addons for rigging ghost-ik

Interesting I dont see explicit muscle group rigging often.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:


I did see this in a question… but didn’t noticed this thread afterwards… sorrry. Nice for not only showing the result. The actres might wanna sue you for showing too much wringles :wink:

Superb work!

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This is so amazing!!
Thanks for posting this :pray:

I would have never thought that you were THIS GOOOOD of a modeler!
Why? Because I know you as a developer, I used one of your addons briefly.
When we were doing RnD at Tangent for the Maya And The Three show, I recommended your addon. We tried it out for a week or so, but it wasn’t stable enough for them. Anyway, I was super impressed with what you had!

And because I’m primarily a modeler, I’m even more impressed with this post!
The model is amazing! But not just modeling, EVERYTHING!!!

Congrats on being this good! :pray:


马哥 牛逼666666 我一看2345看图就感觉事情不对哈哈哈哈

Thanks all of you !

可以的 很不错大兄弟

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Wow, very realistic!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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hello excelent work, hey can you specify in the image textures which ones are displace, bump, specular, highlight?
and is it highlight the roughness map actually?
and you connected the specular map into the shaders?
and did you use SSS map? if not what settings you used for the radius, blend, and color?..