Live a little - WIP

Hey there!

This is based off a September 11SecondClub sound clip

Still getting used to the whole 3D animation thing. Splining is hell for me!:o

Critics are welcome!:smiley:

CG Cookie Flexrig 1.2.1

it just needs a lot more work. It feels way to pose to pose. It just doesnt have natural movement. Though i my self are no where near where i want to be, all i know is it takes practice, to time the movements and get it right.

I think you’ve got the main points pretty good, it’ll just take some more tweaking on the in betweening

I see what you mean Koumis. I come from 1,5 years of animating on a 2d series and everything is pose to pose and waaaaay too static. I’m getting used to breaking that apart again but it’s hard to unwrap your brain from it because I can’t usually see past it.
My difficulty with this scene in particular is that it’s slow so it doesn’t help with that either.

I’ll get back to it and post something again soon, I hope!


That is so funny, I love it!