Live mesh subtraction

I am making a animation of a table saw. And i was wondering if i could make it so that when the wood hits the blade it would cut the wood in real time. Then when it got to the end it would make two objects instead of one. With rigid body physics if that is even applicable . Plus it would be nice to make this animation smooth and simple if possible. If you have any ideas then i would love to hear them.

Btw, I can send the file if needed

You must deform rectangular tube on a curve animate his movement for makes it progress along the curve. Use it as an animated boolean object on a plank. Hide two other object representing your final cutted plank’s part.
Animate the show hide of thoses objects by the end of cutting animation. Physicalise the two hidded parts or one depending on which one fall.
Use unrenderable copy of your separate planks to be used as particle collides…parent them to the show hide ones. Add particle emmiter at the base of your saw. …etc

I totally see what you mean by this. And i can see how this would work.
But i wanted to simulate it more then i wanted to animate it.
Even though i probably could animate it.
I just wanted to have an object that subtracts pieces of the mesh.
To further understand what i am trying to accomplish take a look at this video.