Live unwrap in Blender 2.91

Hi there!

I can not fgure out how to make live unwrap work in new Blender. The only checkbox I can find is in UV Editor -> UV menu, but marking it changes nothing. There is not checkbox like this in 3D Viewport -> UV menu, there is nothing in 3d Viewport -> U context menu. I simply can not find it. I was googling it but without any useful result. What happened there? Is this a bug? Have it been removed? Am I missing some plugin? Am I doing something wrong? Any help will be appreciated.

Reading helps…


OK i read this it says "UI: 3D View: Move Live Unwrap to toolbar

“The menus should be for operators, tool settings belong in the toolbar”
so we need to check

and then this will show up :slight_smile:

The missing live unwrap checkbox
So this will be where the LIVE unwrap checkbox is now.
So I see it will help me out to read the release notes for all the programs I use.