Live unwrap not working

Hey Guys,

quick question, I must be doing something wrong here. Live unwrap doesn’t seem to work, tried multiple workstations and multiple models, from a default cube over Suzanne to highres production models.

It seems it’s not doing anything until I select all and hit U to unwrap, which kinda defeats the purpose. I’m sure there’s something I’m missing here.

Any ideas?

Tick Live Unwrap, not in the UV Editor, but in the UV Menu of the main 3d viewport. The tooltip for each Live Unwrap is different. The one in the UV Editor says “Continuously unwrap the selected UV island while transforming pinned vertices” while the one in the UV menu of the 3D Viewport says “Changing edges seam recalculates UV unwrap”.

I’d never really looked into it before and just assumed both checkboxes simply mirrored each other and fulfilled the same task, much in the same way Unwrap and Mark Seam are options in both the 3D viewport and UV editor, but these seem to fulfill different functions. Perhaps the different functions should be made clearer.


Ah thanks! Makes sense. I was looking at the tooltip and the UV editor live unwrap said it’s for pinned vertices only, completely forgot that the 3D view has UV menu as well. :smiley:

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