Living letters

(ArturSzygulski) #1

Hi. I made several letters in Blender, post in Photoshop. Hope you like it :slight_smile:



(Pawel4427) #2

Amazing! How did you made them? Especially, how did you made these spiral things and such organic materials and textures? Could you post some AO or clay renders?

(Jeepster) #3

Holy crap, I love these! It was really fun looking through all of them :smiley:
My favorites were F, I, L, and S. All of them were super impressive though. Any chance you have a high res version for I and S?

Also, how much time did it take to make these? I have no idea how you made these complex shapes, but I’d imagine it took quite a while.

Anyway, great work!

(ctdabomb) #4

Wow, so many different things to love about these. Will have to come back a few times and study these.
Man, and when I was growing up we had boring old apples and zebras to go with the alphabet…

(ajbombadill) #5

These are really amazing! Very impressive creativity:yes:

(Kemmler) #6

these are pretty fantastic, great technique and variety of ideas here.

(Weisl) #7

Awesome :). Would be really greate to see how you tackle something like that, which techniques you use and so on

(gr8!) #8

Great job!

(Quacker) #9

Creative and refreshing art…just fun to browse them. Well done!

(Nita) #10

this is just amazing…

(Mir) #11

These are all so beautiful. They look so natural and just so impressive. I’d also like to see some clay renders. Great job! 5 stars

(Taipan) #12


Exellent WORK…I like Them all.


(ristesekuloski) #13

Truly amazing designs and great ideas! One cannot help but wonder how some of the models were made and textured. Gallery stuff here!

(BTolputt) #14

Weird, creepy, cool. Well done - very creative and pulled off well :slight_smile:

(ArturSzygulski) #15

THX for all nice comments :slight_smile:
some screnshot , how I working on project

(ArturSzygulski) #16

(ArturSzygulski) #17

Letter S without postpro in photoshop.

(Sussi) #18

Very nice, great idea! I love all of them!

(Speed7) #19

Really really wonderful, enjoyed having a look at all of them.


(PipTogo) #20

Inspiring! Makes me want to create something similar!