Living Mechanic Submission Finished

Chrome Widow - Finished
Full size here.

This is (I think) my final render for the contest. Although there was a little filter sequence (the soft glowy haze) run on the final image in Photoshop, this is pretty much all the Blender renderer. No fancy schmancy raytracing or hoity-toity true global illumination solutions.

You can see the image progession at my humble website.

The rig that keeps the leg armatures from twisting internally during IK calculations works great. :smiley:

On to a second creation. Someone mentioned a dragon, but Iโ€™m thinking Jabberwock.

I like it! Nicely done.

Those look like like Matrix sentanals with legs. Those eyes and the tenticle things look alomst exactly the same. The reflections look okay but they are very inacurate except for the flat surfaces. Lightflows render time isnโ€™t much more then blenders, I think it would be worth your time to try it so you can have some accurate reflections.

very nice.

you won.


Good job, it look great!