Living Mechanics Entries (update 30/09/02)

(theeth) #1

In this thread, each contestant should post his official entry picture and all the additionnal material that he wants to make avalaible. Only the official picture will be used for the public voting, but all the additionnal material will be considered by the jury when giving the Technical Awards.

This thread will be locked (and will stop accepting entries) as soon as I get up tomorrow morning (October 1st, Eastern Canada time).

Voting will start as soon as possible. All the details regarding the public vote and the jury for the Technical awards will be available in the other thread.


(harkyman) #2

Chrome Widow - Final Entry
Full size here.

(BgDM) #3

Well, I will not have any time to finish this, so I must respectfully resign my entry from this competition.

Good luck to the rest of you.


(S68) #4


Blender + LightFlow (+ a little Terragen to generate the IBL Sphere)

<<Official Image>> (800x600, JPG, 277kb)

<<Details>> (1024x768, JPG, around 0.5M)
<Chest Close Up >
<Leg Close Up>

<<Animation>> (Pure blender… 1.51Mb, DIVX 5.0.2)

<<Armature ScreenShots>> (1280x1000, around 200k)
<Two legs (front pair)>
<Wings and head>
<Single leg model>

Ufff… I need some rest from my hobby… 8)


(crow) #5

PLACEHOLDER :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Copy & paste for now a claw/talon thingy
another shot of the foot. Is it me or will the foot not close properly?

add replies here =o)

its gonna be a bee (hopefully) even maybe the queen! :o

the abdominal on it now is a place holder, i have bout 3 others planned out :stuck_out_tongue:

(pofo) #6

I’ve decided on making a flower. Maybe not the most exciting lifeform, but I think it’ll turn out allright.

I worked a little more on it, but mostly I’ve been sketching. It’s possible that I’ve put the detail level too high to be able to finish in time.

Did another update, worked a little on the base and lower stalk.

Ho hum, seems I’ve tired of 3d again (happens this time of year) so I won’t finish this in time for the contest.
I’ll be sure to vote though :wink:

  1. pofo

(MoreK) #7

Give your comments here:

Latest pictures:

(stukkm) #8

this is it…

(Krabat) #9

hoi everyone,

this is my entry for the contest, an ammonite.
modeled and posed in Blender, textured and rendered in POVRay, no post production.

a close-up:

the ammonite from a different angel and with more post production:


some WIP images are to find here:

if anybody has hints what i could improve please post them there.


p.s.: thanks to Jean-Michel Soler for for his great POVAnim export-script, to s68 for the very usefull piston tutorial and all that have been encouraging me…

(slikdigit) #10

Well, I have nothing but (Bad) excuses, but: In addition to my rendering problem, I never got the final amount of detail wanted. I went to finish the rigging and my armatures went ‘wiggy’ on me- and I don’t yet know why. Basically when I hit tab then tab again, the bone positions get all screwy. Maybe adding bones to the armature while others still have constraints is bad. I dunno.
So the best I can do for now is this lameass unrigged screencap. This is officially disqualified, but, just to show my (honest) intentions, its resised to the official 800x600 contest rules.

Oh, yes, congratulations to all the other entries: truly phenomenal work.

I placed a wip:
Couldn’t render it without segfaulting until I deleted all but one leg :frowning:
If someone has some helpful advice I wouldn’t be , how shall i say it, ungrateful ;), :wink: , nudge,nudge
saay noo more!

(Idgas) #11

I would like to enter to

Edit: I don’t think i will finish in time but here is what i was working on. Just can’t get the darn armatures to work right :x

(funkychild) #12

I hope I have time to finish this.

(harkyman) #13

The only external work is a little bit of post done in Photoshop.

He’s not mechanically accurate… there aren’t any pistons or gears or guts… I just wanted to take a crack at a saurion creature of some kind and make a nice environment.

–> <-- Click here for full size

(Smerity) #14

Mechophobic - My Official Entry
This is my living mech! Originally, he was based upon a tiger, but later on he gained characteristics from the late cretacious mammal Macrauchenia (simmilar looking to a camel)!

Unfortunately, I was so lazy I waited two days before the deadline to start, so I only did it in 6 hours! I couldn’t continue because I was going on a road trip for the next two days with no computers.

Here it is:

Also, if the above image is too big for you, I’ve made a smaller (lower quality you may note) image here (judges, please use above):

(Zweistein) #15

Here is my Entry for the Living Mechanics Contest.
Good Luck all…

ssmaaaaaal ani

keep blending

(basse) #16

well… I had serious HD crash… lost nearly EVERYTHING!

so… I just wanted to show how far I got… here it is… it’s called “mecha-bird”


I’m still continuing with it… of course… … good luck for the competitions you all… I checked out the entries… incredible stuff, again!


(kaktuswasse) #17

i jsut want to go sure that i entered right;)

cya henrik

P.S.: i hope it’S ok that it is at 1500x500 …If not I’ll post another one.
Just say it…
P.P.S: I’ll post my .blend later ,too

(theeth) #18

my entry :stuck_out_tongue:

Official entry

Motion animation: sadly, I didn’t have enough time to add the little details that would have turned this into a masterpiece (you wish :-? ), including an Elvis impersonator…

All around view: and (sme movie, different compression. The mpg is crappier)

PS: I’ll post the .blend tomorrow
PPS: I just realized that the picture is bigger than 800 x 600… doh. I’ll upload the correct version tomorrow.