Living Modern

Here is the link to the project in developement:

I am not going to redo any part of this project but i still welcome C&C! :wink:

Here are the specs:

OSA 16
128 u RayRes
AO 16
Rendered 100% scaled to 75% to increase anti-aliasing
35min Render
13,319 vertices

My favorite part is the rug! What is yours?

Man, what’s the secret to keeping a house so clean and modern? Mine’s an ugly mess :slight_smile:

I like the image though! I especially like the lamps and tray (shiny…) The glasses and pitcher are hard to figure out though, especially the pitcher with black background. I can’t decide if the couch looks “polygonal” or just modern…

hey I see you took care of my comment about the texturing! way better now! it fits well! it looks real nice now, good job

hey that’s what a wip is for right? :wink:

Thanks for the crits and encouragements! It is interesting how polygonal looks modern! If i really wanted to make it really nice i would redo the entire sofa and otoman and pillows to make them have ripples and seems but i am pleased with it as is! Thanks again! :wink:

More comments are still welcome!

A decent improvement on the WIP, so good on you for that. I still think that you could improve your work considerably by practicing with more interesting lighting. I’d definitely recommend this as something to work on in the future :slight_smile: Also, watch out for the repeating texture on the tablecloth.


yes i saw the repeating textures too and now equiped with a new knowledge of uv mapping i will work on making better textures for in the futur! as for the lighting i improved it over teh wip but yes it still needs something :expressionless: I am not that good with lighting so if you could post a link to better lighting tut that would be great! :wink: Thanks!

Nice man- I really like the way the couch looks, and im w/ reed on the glasses

nice :smiley:

i like thr rug too… :wink: what are specifics of it (norm? dis? or maybe mesh?)

I’m very glad that some one rends interiors :smiley:
I’m waiting for another… :smiley:

you will get another interior soon! until then here was my first project ever :

(messed it up sorry - will try to get it later! - it is of a ship in a bottle in an interior setting)

the glasses and pitcher were difficult to do but i managed and the ice cubes were a night mere!

the rug is a simple cube then i created a custom texture and then used heavy nor mapping and col mapping to do the rest! it look like the one in the magazine (i wish i new where to find a copy of it on the internet!)

To the rest thanks!