Living on the Vine

I saw Alan Brito’s post about the Discombobulator script, and I thought it would be fun to see where you could take the idea.

The basis for my concept is the Turning Torso in Sweden, which I always thought would be fun to model, but way beyond my capabilities. I have always enjoyed the idea of buildings meshing with an organic element, like the Ewok village in Star Wars, or the Treetown in Dinotopia.

Here is the “Vine” base which I will build or hang all of my buildings from.

Here are some city sections

Theres a city generator script in the scripts section of the forum in case you needed to make a city. I find the discombobulater a bit difficult to use unless you make the streets and roads separated objects.

And the vine looks really good! how did you make that?

looks good man, and ive just started playing with vines and loving it

@Dividedspleen Thanks for the advice. I have experimented with the Suicidator City Engine, but I was never able to get it off of the ground. That and all of the screen shots looked high poly. Which I felt was bad in this case because I plan on having a bunch of city chunks all of the way up the vine.

The vine was a series of bezier cuves which I converted to mesh objects because Yafaray doesn’t seem to like curves.

How did you get them to not mesh together? By hand?