Living Room- A Rerender

I have made corrections to a previous render and decided to repost. I would like to hear your response.

That’s a nice render. Not much to criticize. I would straighten the picture though. That seems out of place in interior visualization context. If you wanted to add some sort of imperfections to make it more natural and to have a ‘lived in’ kind of feeling you could play with accessories more or with the cloth wrinkles of the blanket or the pillows or maybe place one of tables in a different position, but the picture frames in my opinion should all be straight because other way it only communicates lack of attention to detail as opposed to some sort of lifestyle presence. I would also avoid placing the bar stool so that it’s partly on the floor and partly on the carpet - the carpet should end leaving space for it or extend further so the stool is then fully on it. The plant would probably need a better lit place than that corner in reality as well.