Living room - Blender internal

This is almost my own living room… give (or take) a few meters, windows and cool furniture items :wink:
Rendered in Blender 2.6 Internal, with a bit of compositor and a little editing touch from MotivaRealcamera (tip from artist Hangar).
The modeling is mine except the cool chair, a free download.

Oanav, you know I love your works, but stop posting these great renders made with Blender Internal, or Cycles development will halt soon! :wink:

As a side note, looking at the decorative panel on the left make me think of my wife who would scream loud that that thing is a nightmare to clean from dust.

Carrozza, I promise I will try this in Cycles soon :slight_smile: but can’t promise not to love BI anymore :stuck_out_tongue:
HAHA for the decorative panel aspect. That is a real decorative panel made by me from old magazine pages, when we moved and the walls were bare. Everyone loves it and I’m considering buying a better duster :wink: I’ll upload a photo…

(caution, actual photo :wink: )

Added two more images from the scene

Images are great! But remove the girl photo or improve the clipping of the photo. It worsen the image because is not well composited.

For me a girl like her can’t worse anything. So cute!

Oanav, really great results achieved with Blender Internal.

Indeed - I worship you :slight_smile:

The girl might look a bit akward, I’ll try to improve the clipping. I want to keep her, mostly because I have this cutout people collection I actually bought but can’t find suitable uses for, and I liked her " look, the preety lights" pose for this image :stuck_out_tongue:
Thank you for the praise and … lol… worshiping :slight_smile:

I want worshipers too. Guess I am just going to have to get better with the BI like you.
Keep the girl. She adds to the scene and her look in dreamy.

Wow, great! Creativity and using the right amount of shadow soft size, can make the BI render fantastic pictures. :slight_smile:
Quality pictures like yours are used in magazines and catalogues, I’m sure. :yes: