Living Room Luxrender

Another interior test on LuxRender:

Comments and criticism welcome.

To me, the DOF looks a little odd. If there’s an object in front of all, maybe this object could look well out of focus, or in another composition in which we can accentuate depth through DOF and converging lines; but in the case of the door out of focus, i would prefer the image clean, without DOF. :wink:

You’re right, they don’t use DoF in architectural renderings… try keeping it really high, so that almost everything is similarly focussed, and no details are blurred. Since these renders are one of my first few with LuxRender, I was playing around with the settings… Will keep this in mind, thank you… :slight_smile:

hi, another crit: in the firtst render, the carpet is too reflective for a carpet. If it were indigo i would at least have given it a diffuse material, if not oren nayar. Also, the wooden floor could use a specular map to have a less uniform shine, although it’s perfectly alright even now. Add more details d00d, and this can turn out good.

yes, because it is making your renders look like miniatures.

Pretty cool!
Rendering time? It takes for ever for me to render. It’s way too noisy (not using preview…)

Thank you for all the comments n crits…
@Anuraag: nice to know that you live here in Delhi, first person that i’m meeting on BA from the same place :)… The carpet problem is something that i didn’t notice, will have to check the material settings. Not sure if I’ll be able to continue this project further- am doing architecture at SPA, and keeps me occupied. Though, will put more work related renders sometime.
@B3D00: Both images were rendered at the same time, and took about 30hrs of rendering time… Then some post processing was done with Gimp.