Living Room+LuxRender

hello, here is another one of my works, only this time it is part of serious work (instead of tests), took me a long time configuring and tweaking, because it took me to adapt to external renders (because let me consfusos), but is there, suggestions and criticisms are always welcome.

haha! the first thing I noticed are those awesome looking shelves. Amazing. Apart from that the room looks good, from a design standpoint I think there is a lot of wasted space in the back section (there’s plenty of room for shelves, drawers, another couch, anything) but from a 3d standpoint your modelling seems to all be fine. The materials all look nice as well.

I would tell you to increase your samples to get rid of the noise, but with the noise it makes it look more like a photograph from a camera using hi iso, which in turn makes it that much more realistic.

Fill in the back of the room and you have yourself a pretty nice render!

the few things i would critique would be the way that the camera’s positioned, with that shelf just underneath you, it kinda makes you feel uncomfortable… plus these scenes normally have a lower angle.

secondly, the walls are deep red… normally they are made white [or lighter colours ] to maximise light bounces and brighten up the room.

finallly, there seems to be something wierd with your table, but other than that, it looks pretty good.

the things I pointed out are minute details, but i think they’ll make all the difference.

This looks really nice. I agree with the previous comments about how the back of the room looks fairly empty and could probably be filled in a little bit., as well as how the camera angle could use some work. I think that with the camera angle you have right now there isn’t really a focus to the scene, and that if you were to pick something in the room that you wanted to be the focus it would help improve the render.

Some additional comments I would have are that usually ceilings are left white as any other color gives the room the feeling of being a cave. I think changing this would help lighten up the room without necessarily having to change the color of the walls. As well I would expect there to be some type of trim around the window and the window to have a proper window sill.

Other then that it looks great! Keep it up.

LOL, I thought no one would comment, thank you for your comments, they will be of great help to me: D. I am new to the forum so I’m kinda lost here, took me to find that my topic. XD