Living room scene

Here’s something i’ve been working on the past few days. Most of the modeling is done, still need some curtains or blinds on the windows. And maybe some more props. But i’m really not sure about the lighting. Does it look realistic? The carpet looks crap as well.

All comments welcome!

I’d say that you have absolutely delicious(!) detail going on here, but that you probably should now take a closer look at the light. Right now, it is harsh – although not excessively so – but, in several key ways, “unrealistic.”

As any “physical photographer” would do, you need to add more sources of light, to satisfy the physical requirements of the medium, even though they would not exist in real life. (Start by giving that back wall a better coat of paint!) Everything in the frame – be it a wine-bottle, a wall or a floorboard – must be “basically lit.” (Ansel Adams: “Zone 5.”) Every other illumination must then be set relative(!) to that baseline.

If you look objectively at this image in this (ahem …) “light,” you’ll see what I mean: the “tonal range” is (IMHO …) too broad. (Ansel Adams: you’ve got “Zone 2” and “Zone 7” going on here, when the range should be “5 ± 1.”)