Living Room - Simple

My first art post in the forum. Thought I’d start with some work I finished last week.
This scene was a big challenge for me. Probably the most difficult being the lighting and how to post process it to make it pop. A few issues remain here and there but a very good scene to make for persistence and practice.


Nice render. I love the fabric from the couch. For me the floor need some bump, on the left corner
the reflection doesn’t look realistic.

Awesome render. Love the work with the sofa and carpet fabric :slight_smile:

I really like your first art post in the forum, keep up the good work.
Nice carpet.

Overalll good for me. Render settings and world settings?

Very nice!:slight_smile:

i’m finding it hard to believe it’s not a photograph :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys.

Odilkhan-Yakubov - The render and world settings are just HDRi with some colour management tweaks in the Scene Tab. Film emulation and some exposure tweaking.

Excellent work Higashibashi! Extremely realistic, especially the soft shadows. Does the light come only from the window, or is the roof/wall opened?

It’s mainly from the window. I also have a emission plane to the right of the shot to just take the edge of the shadows. That’s it.

very nice, I really like the sofa!

just perfect ! absolutely realistic :slight_smile:

This could be the most realistic scene I’ve ever seen made in Blender. A couple of the things in the top right don’t quite look real, but everything is so close. Great work.

Thanks man! Honestly at some point I was going to bin the scene early on as I didn’t feel it working. Glad I stuck with it.

Great great work!!! I’m also into architecture renders and this is an inspiration.

Is it possible for you to explain how you did the carpert? The wrinkles and the overall detail is insane :slight_smile:

Very nice scene, honestly I cant think of anything bad here!
I’d also be interested in how you wrapped the couch in fabric :smiley:

I see quality here…

Maybe the flower on the windowslill is a bit too much overexposed (I’d like to see it, such a nice little plant :slight_smile: )

Keep blending (such a cool first post, can’t wait for more)

Jarek D (DJ)

why so few likes? this is Amazing

Thanks guys. Surprised to see comments pop on this recently. I made this over 2 years ago. Would be interesting to see how I’d do it differently now with 2 years more experience.

for me it’s too bright : too much saturation, contrast and gamma problem, but it’s à la mode, so good work !!
the object in front balanced the “object composition” of your scene, good balanced of “empty place” (sorry I can’t find the right expression in english)