Living room visualisation

Render made from one of the floor plans we were doing for project at faculty.
Made in Blender, render with cycles 1000 samples, post processing in photoshop.
First time I put more time and focus in project. Adding little details can really change the final image.

maybe change the furniture below the tv - the scale of the shelves and the colour (texture) is strange.
the rest is very nice - like the colours and the lighting…

Thanks for feedback, I thought no one will leave a replay. You are right I think there might be too many drawers, and the texture is half procedural half image based so that’s probably the reason it looks strange. :slight_smile:

TV doesn’t really look convincing, neither does the wood on the tv set, apart from that,
it’s great

I agree with other ones.
I like your style :slight_smile:

Looks delicious. I agree with DaniT about the shelves - the rest looks amazing :eyebrowlift: