Living room - Why is it Blurry?

Hi, This is my first project that involves more than one item. I want to know why it is blurry and not crisp/clear?

Im sure it is a noob question but I don’t know what I’ve done wrong…

I am going to add a couch and bits and bobs to make the room feel more full but this is the basic project done. Thank you for your time. I hope I find the answer I need.


Hey everyone starts out a noob, looking allright so far.

How many samples did you use to render it?
Try have more and that light on the right is blowing out the White on the pilar, try reducing the strength on that.
Have you tried Filmic Log Encoding Base?

is the entire scene inside a cube? cause rendering in a closed Environment tends to add alot of fireflies and not so crisp image.

Some feedback on you scene would be to have something outside the window instead of reflection, and not so thick (i dunno the correct English Word for it) boards along the floor. You know the planks that is between the walls and floor, that thing.

Keep it up bro,

Thank you for your reply!!!

The sampling size was the problem. I cranked it up and it has improved alot. I’ve installed Filmig Log as well. I’ll put something out the window and stuff as I go along but the main issue is fixed. Thank you @IAmTheWalrus