Living Room

Hey guys,

my latest project is this living room. Unfortunately I have to funish this project to early, as I have a fake-deadline. Anyway, the problems are the shader of TV, the weird background and a few other fixes. Furthermore for the next time I have to start different. For the next project I want to have a background, reason and story who lives in this room.

Neverteless I hope you like it.

Leon Behnke


You’ve created a nice living room. And I really like the carpet and the couch shader. Good work.

As you said yourself, it doesn’t blend well with the background. I think the grass of the background is too blurred and too big right at the window and overall the background appears too saturated. This strong saturation of the background distracts from the living room itself.

Thanks minoribus. :slight_smile:
For the next project I pay more attention to the background. :slight_smile:

Why do you have a fake deadline if you are not experienced enough to estimate how much time you will need? You can’t learn anything if you are in hurry…