Living - Small glimps

Hi guys, small glimpse of a living area with kitchen and dining area.

Blender 2.9x, Cycles, Affinity Photo.

4000px - 2000spp 30 minutes of cooking …


Really cozy amtosphere. Love the warm lighting!

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Tnx a lot Artur!!

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Nice rendering and nice light, how you lit the scene?

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Hi Elisa and thank you very much !!
Usually in my works I use an HDRI for lighting, and then, as needed, I implement it with Area Light.

In these last works I’m using some very interesting HDRs, called “Uclipped”.
Being “unclipped” means that the full range of brightness is captured, including the brightest part of the sun. This ensures that the light is extremely realistic. Conversely, if a hdri is clipped (or locked) it will produce unrealistic, contrast-free light.

Little example…

I bought them on Gumroad, and I have a 50 hdr set, for every need.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Tnx a lot Bart!!

Hi everyone,
if you are interested in learning more about the realization of this project, I will insert the link of “Behind the Scene” in which I discuss the various steps, from modeling to final rendering.

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