lixer(recovered)...hotwheels(recovered) thanks all!

(blengine) #1

the hotwheels game was my favorite game i made in blender, no where near completion… and i lost it to my bout with a virus =(

i was wondering if anyone out there still has it? anyone!

i wanted to finish it and im wondering if anyones got it cause i had it up for download at, in one of the last cjs =)

thanks alot

ps, i have an old veriosn of my lixer game, does anyone have my most recent almost done veriosn?! oh that would be great, my two favortire products i mad with blender =D
damn virus

pss, hotwheels was found! lovely dude down below had the download, whew… one down, one to go

PSSS… all games recovered! oh im a happy little man now! :wink:

(basse) #2

no… but the only true version of hotwheels, can be found here:



(blengine) #3

hahaha no thanks, my hotwheels had guns and rockets and sheilds and turbo :wink:

(jrt) #4

I have a Hotwheels Demo with a flat panel truck. Don’t know if it’s yours, or if it is, whether it’s your latest version, but it’s here if you want to take a look.

Cheers jrt.

(blengine) #5

i love u man!!! i love u!!! thats my game! wooooooooooooo!
oh i love it to death too =D lol…

Firstly I think it only fair to tell you that I made these games on a 1 Gig computer and have’nt…

hehe, funny man :wink: no but seriously, id like to know if youd marry me!
thanks so much dude

thats my latest version, i knew right away from the file size :wink:


(Xampersand) #6

Hey, I’ve still got that game, my son loves it! One thing I find interesting about it is that when I fall down the stairs, I get a sound loop of the engine that won’t quit, even when I escape the game. In order to get it to quit, I have to exit blender.

Good to see that you’re picking it up again, it’s a great concept.

(blengine) #7

I get a sound loop of the engine that won’t quit,

blender has some sound bugs… what version are u playing it in =)

(Xampersand) #8

I’m playing it in 2.25.

I’ve not yet learned all the sound tools, so I figured it was something I’d done. :slight_smile:

(jrt) #9

Hi again,
You seem to be having quite a good week! Glad you found your baby. Nice game BTW. Didn’t want to say before in case it wasn’t yours.
As for the marriage bit, I think I’ll pass if you don’t mind!!

Cheers and good luck. jrt.

(joecool) #10

if I would have known, I would have sent it the other night. :wink: I had it.

(saluk) #11

Hey, I think I have the mostly complete version of lixer still.

Can’t get to my computer right now though. Grumble grumble grumble.

I’ll upload it tomorrow:)

(d0pamine) #12

sent you an ftp link to


(saluk) #13

thanks dopamine, I just found it, but you beat me to it:)