(wiensta) #1


im getting to love this script!

thanks Eeshlo and Montz!

(sten) #2

nice abstract picture :slight_smile:


(wiensta) #3

btw: please reply if you like this!


(sten) #4

I like it…some abstract 3D pics is really cool , as this one :slight_smile:

(hijothema) #5

I like it. :smiley:

(ScottishPig) #6

SPIFFY I seem to like your work better in rendering then when you do the realtime stuff-

Nice work!

(S68) #7

Nice, but why in Black & White?


(valarking) #8

well, it’s ALRIGHT. it’s just one step up from a reflective/refractive ball on a checkerboard that we relate raytracing with. not that advanced in any one aspect.

(wiensta) #9

ahh yea i know.

but i was really impressed when i saw the render!

i had to post it, if your familiar with different renderers, you wont be very impressed by this cos youll know how it was done and how easy it was done too. however when i show ppl and tell em it was done in blender theyre gobsmacked!

i still like this image for what it is, however simplistic.

ill keep at it anyway.

thanks for the comments.