LMB/RMB Switch?

Hi all,

Why does Blender uses an opposite LMB/RMB action style?.. I mean almost all other software i have used uses LMB to select, and RMB to bring up context menu… while Blender uses RMB to select, and LMB is so under-used?..

Let me know if I sound stupid.


I think it’s legacy from the early versions of Blender but you can use the other style if you want. You can change it in the settings. See User preferences and Themes in http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartI/The_Vital_Functions

I think it’s a Linux thing.

as backwards as it seems to me, it makes more sense now. It sure messes me up when I switch to autocad mode at work…Luckily i’ve trained my acad.pgp file to act the same as Blender’s hotkeys - minimilized confusion is gooood.

In fact I have only used Blender for less than a month, and I am getting pretty used to the interface now… so much so that I keep using using RMB in other programs… and pressing GKEY trying to move objects on my desktop… lol…

Anyway I have thus switched the RMB/LMB, and now its time to re-familiarise…

since blender essentially predates windows, how could it be inspired by linux?