LNER A1 Flying Scotsman on the Forth Bridge

I’ve been continuing with improvements and detail on the LNER Pacific loco. I’ve now completed an initial draft of the Forth Bridge. This is one of the most iconic British railway engineering projects and a grand platform for rendering railway assets.

I’ll post more pictures over time of the bridge itself which makes a lot of use of geometry nodes for all the lattice braces. For now, here is a traditionally composed render of the Flying Scotsman crossing the bridge. This particular version of the steam locomotive will be the 1924 version and I hope to complete it in time for the locomotive’s centenary later this month.

Note that the view is to the south and the distant landscape is created from LiDAR data made public by the Scottish government. Details of the bridge are from Network Rail’s engineering archive which makes public a full set of original drawings for the structure.


Here’s another render of the Flying Scotsman. The locomotive was operationally complete on the 7th of February 1923, so today marks the centenary of its completion. At that time, it was numbered 1472 and didn’t yet have the name Flying Scotsman.

I’m working on some updates to the geometry nodes for the lattice structure and hoping to post that soon.


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Looks like one of the characters from Thomas the Tank Engine.