LNER A3, 60039 Sandwich - Warming Up

Finally bringing in some steam and smoke into renderings of LNER Pacifics. Rather than use simulations, I’m trying to handcraft the volume envelope and then use some procedural volumetric shading.


show us some nodes set up and render

may be some sample file too if you can

i’m looking for some set up for smoke trail too!

happy bl

Really good looking model. I love the texturing.

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Hi Ricky - I want to do a more detailed write up and for that I need to do a bit more experimentation. Here are the basic points:

  • Firstly, I hand build an envelope for the smoke or steam - I do this with metaballs, convert to a mesh; remesh then add 2 or 3 displacements. This gets the right basic level of control for the shape.
  • The shader uses 2 basic ideas. The first is a general dense shape; the second is a volume of smaller puffs. I then blend these together using musgrave so that in some places the dense shape is exposed and in others the smaller puffs.

There are a couple of other experiments to do - one is to add displacement in the actual shader; the other is to use the point density node.

More to follow (hopefully).

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thanks Bart!