Lo and behold: Eric Powell's The Goon (now with turnaround)

The Goon: base mesh, with subsurf on… no ear yet… but it will grow on him :wink:


Ears: done.
Body: done
Hands: to do
1440 polygons so far.

Comments? Suggestions?

Very cool. What is this for? a game, or bigger project?

The body shape is greatm but the er, crotch bulge looks a bit unnnecessary.
also, im not too keen on the shoes, but i cant explain why. :s

Otherwise, great work :smiley:

Thanks for the comments: I agree about the crotch bulge, but “The Goon” is more than a bit politically incorrect, so it seemed somehow appropriate. I’ll probably tone it down. Shoes will be fixed a bit, but they need to be “bolshe big boots for smashing faces” (Clockwork Orange)

The idea is to make game model out of him for personal project and probably few mock-up front pages. I’ll try to keep the finished model below 3000 quads (or even better, bellow 2500)

In the last few months, Blender Game Engine has grown on me as a way of fast rendering with cool enough results, so I try to make models that can be used with it.


You make it look easy to model humanoids! I’ve checked the rest of your chars and they all look great! Keep up the good work and keep it posted :smiley:

He is now rigged with the variation of my Ensteindwarf rig - He is so happy that he smiles at us: take note of his beautiful teeth!

Tomorrow: UV unwrapping!

Never mind yellow stain on his chest. That is a result of a little frustration with projection painting of the textures :slight_smile: It will be erased eventually…

Second image is normal map only.

If someone actually reads this, some comment would be wellcome!

Very clean modeling and an unmistakable Goon. The fingers look kinda weird to me, but overall very good modeling. Look forward to seeing more progress on the texturing.

Thanks! Fingers are made that way by choice… although I probably have them bit overdone :wink:

Texturing seems to be finished now… although I could probably come out with more…

C&C welcome!

Have you guys seen this?