Load a font into blender?

I wanted to use ‘System’ font to display the player’s ammo, (cause it looks cool)
but my ‘Fonts’ folder is somewhere in my control panel, and I’m not sure how to locate it via blender, so I copy/pasted it to the desktop.

Not very familiar with using text,
so is the word “BFont” supposed to be greyed, and how come when I go to “Load File”, the Font File doesn’t show up?
I’m so lost, for all I know I could be at the wrong place doing something completely different.

In other words:
-How do I load a font into blender?


EDIT: I was following this guide > http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:2.6/Manual/Modeling/Texts
Once I reached the part titled “Formatting text”, I couldn’t get anything to work right.

EDIT 2: How do I change the color of the font?


That does not work for you?

To change the color, you have to check “object color” in the material tab, and to change the color in the object tab…

Ah, the one I wanted to use was not a TTF file, instead it was… “Font”?

I rather like the fonts you sent, suppose I’ll use that!

Thank you for the help!

If you are working on windows, the font directory is in c:\Windows\Fonts*.ttf. If you want to pack the font into your .blend file >> In Blender, File>external Data> Pack All into .blend. If you are looking for fonts, http://www.dafont.com/

AFAIK, Blender supports TTF and OTF files only for font file types, not .font.

Hm, so when I scale a “Text” object to make is small enough to fit in the player’s camera, it’s too blurry to read.

What can I do about that?

One last question, can you color Bitmap text?
I downloaded some Bitmap fonts from the resources part of the forum (generously shared by BlendEnzo)

They’re Truevision TGA files, so I don’t know if GIMP would allow me to edit.
I’d much rather be able to edit it in Blender, seeing as how it IS possible to change the color of textures with the Material Diffuse thing

  1. Use a simple script to set the text object’s resolution.

from bge import logic

obj = logic.getCurrentController().owner

obj.resolution = 6

  1. Bitmap text image files’ color can be changed in the texture file itself. Recoloring it should be fine, since the data Blender reads is actually at the top of the image. They also can be modulated by setting the blend mode from Mix to Multiply or another blend mode, and changing the material color. This is only in GLSL mode, though. Note that bitmap font image files can be finicky and seem to be prone to failure, at which point you’ll have to re-open the image (I believe).

Alrighty, thanks for the heads up!

And the Code works well, thanks for that too!

Earlier I tried setting the Blend mode to Multiply, (I’m not using GLSL) and it made the numbers black. I was going to stick with that, but I just tried it again now and it inexplicably turns everything in my scene dark?! Turns out having an object with it’s Mapping Coordinates set to “Relection” causes everything to go dark when looking away from the plane.

I wasn’t planning on using either anyways, just thought I’d share.

(Also, as you can see, the word “Text” isn’t blurry anymore, thanks to the code!)