Load custom interface?

Hi all.

Is there a way to load your custom interface? Like I just customized blender I got it how I like it, but now when I open any of my older files I lose that interface. So is there a way to reload your interface?

If you like it press, ctrl-u and it will be saved in your .b.blend (default blend file) so it will be loaded every time…

Ok I got that, but then when I open older .blend files the interface I had when working on those is completely different from what I have now. Is there a way to open my interface in other blends without losing anything?

Your custom theme should be in this menu:


In the “load” menu, at the bottom is a button called “load UI”. By default it is “ON” and so will load the windows arrangement from the blend.

Next time you load a blend that you want your new dfault UI on simply un-check that button and you’ll be sorted.

It’s actually really handy that the UI is saved in the blend as many blender users customise the workspace to the needs of each project rather than relying on some over-arching default.

Ya but I have mine set up so that I can acess everything I use without having to switch anything. So ya thanks a lot.