loading blendstarter from subfolder?


I’m trying to run blenderplayer by Jan from another executable in a sub folder. My directory structure looks like this;

- main.exe

    - blenderplayer.exe
    - mygame.blend

My file, ‘main.exe’ tries to execute ‘blenderplayer.exe’ from the ‘bin’ sub-folder but it doesn’t work… it just prints the ‘usage’ instructions in the command prompt.

Could this be because I’m running it from outside it’s folder? Can I get around this?

Thank you all.


Maybe you are not giving any parameters. try using:
“bin\blenderplayer.exe mygame.blend”

Hope that solves the problem

Ah ha, figured out a solution, I need to chdir (mac) or cd (pc) to the ‘bin’ directory first. For anyone interested… I change directory and launch it using the shell.xtra Macromedia Dirextor xtra.

In Lingo I just use…

shell_cmd("blenderplayer.exe -f -g nomipmap mygame.blend",EMPTY,0)

A side-effect of this is that it also seems to circumvent the command prompt window which is something many of you have been trying to achieve.