"Loading" indicator......

Well guys, I am not being able to figure out how to make a “loading” progress bar in the BGE. Can anyone help me out??:confused:

switch to a “loading” scene (just a scene with a camera, and a plane with a loading screen image mapped on to it) and then change scenes to the one you want. the “loading” scene should stay there until the next one is loaded.
I haven’t tested this (never made anything that takes any time to load yet ^^; ) but it should work, in theory.

I think what he wants to do is not a simple ‘loading’’ picture but also a progress bar like… if it has 50% of the content loaded the progress bar shows 50%

I don’t think you can do that. :frowning:
i have done it Capitan Oblivions way, and it works. but there is no function that i know of to see how much is loaded.

uh… yeah, apparently I misread your post.
I believe that blender doesn’t run logic while a scene is loading, so I don’t think you can make a loading bar

It seems like you’d need a seperate program to monitor the loading status. Maybe it’s done in post-processing.

I could see it working only if you were to add each object to the scene one at a time, incrementing an IPO property on each addition. You’d need to know the number of initial objects in your level to get an accurate percentage.

honestly, I think you’d need to have much more low-level access to do anything like a loading bar; I believe that (now, keep in mind that I’m not a programmer) you’d need to keep one scene updating according to it’s norm, and have that scene get the amount another scene is loaded. python in the GE doesn’t give you this kind of access, unfortunately, AFAIK. Also, I think that objects that can be added are loaded at the scene’s start, not as they’re added, so Spaztiq’s method might not work (probably worth testing if you’re unsure though; it’s the best way to get results)