loading merged files

Wheres the merge option?

I need to load several .blend models into one scene.

open one file and FILE>APPEND the others into it.

I tried that but i get:

‘not a library’ when i rightclick>load on a .blend file


if i go into the blend file and choose meshes by rightclicking it says ‘nothing indicated’

If i simply click on a mesh (inside meshes), nothing happens it just returns to the editor with no new mesh

Do the following - File -> Append, find the file you want to import -> leftclick once -> Scene -> leftclick once -> rightclick “Scene” and hit Load Library.
That way you have imported the other .blend as a whole. To view all your objects in one scene, you can do the following: go to the just imported Scene (via the drop down menu in the middle of the top header) and hit a to select all of the objects there. Then: Object -> Make Links -> To scene and choose the one, in which you want to work.
It probably sounds more complicated than it is, but it allows great flexibility.

If you just want to import one object, go to File -> Append -> (.blend file) -> Object

Whats working, thanks!

Oh… wait no its not.

It loads the mesh back in but all my UVd textures appear as pink. tried loading materials and textures but no good, stil pink.