Loading movie to Movie Clip Editor


I’m a quite new to blender and this is my first post here. I’ve tried to find a solution for my problrm but somehow I’ve failed.

The problem is, I can’t load any type of video to blender. I’m running blender 2.69 on Fedora 20. I have newest ffmpeg version and VLC as well.
The strange thing I’ve noticed there are only 3 video formats for 3D rendering - avi raw, avi jpeg and frame server. But after openning any video format other than avi raw and avi jpeg in MCE or VSE I receive an error “cannot load movie”.

Can anyone help me or give me any clue?

Thanks in advance,

Well I guess I have it from blender-2.69-5.fc20.x86_64.rpm - I didn’t compile it with cmake.
Do you think the only way is to compile Blender on my own enabling ffmpeg flag?
I thought maybe there is some configuration file just enabling other codecs.
I’ve never compile anything on Linux but it looks like I’ll have to start :slight_smile:

You could try to compile blender. That involves loading a ton of additional stuff which usually drags even more dependencies but it’s certainly doable.
Still, read last minute edit in previous post and that other thread.

Thanx. I’ll try buildbot - should be much more easier than compiling everythibg manually.
I’ll let you know :slight_smile:

Thanks, it helped :). Because of this I’m on 2.71 right now :slight_smile: !!! and don’t have to wait till F21 to upgrade using my rpm.
Once again thx for quick help.

Hi again.

I did download Blender as you suggested and … it is ok right now. So I’m on 2.71 right now - don’t have to wait to F21 to get new Blender in standard RPM.

Thanks once again for your help :slight_smile:

Mind you -this is cutting edge. Can be buggy from time to time (keep some older version around which you know works for you).
Read about and use …/2.7x/config folder to keep addons and preferences from clashes upon some code changes.

Well, I’ll keep my previous stable version for sure - I’ve kept my 2.69 :).
Thank you :slight_smile: