Loading PC theme onto a Mac?

Hi everyone,

I’m very new to Blender and I’m running it on my PC and Mac. The issue I have is that I’ve created a theme on the PC and want to run the same theme on the Mac version. Unfortunately the Mac folder structure is not the same and I can not find the scripts folder to place my py file.

Can anyone tell me where the scripts folder is on the Mac version?


Before reading the following link, note/remember that to save any changes to user prefs you have to press CTRL-U - and note that this will save your current Blender setup, including objects, windows …everything… exactly as it is at that point and that will be your default from here on. In other words, open Blender fresh, make the change, put the prefs window back where it belongs then CTRL-U.


Welcome to Blender and the forums. Just a quick note that it is very often much, much quicker to use the use the search function for some questions.

Thanks AndyD

I did a search on themes rather than script folder didn’t think of that. I was aware of the CRTL-U and found that I had to save the path by pressing CTRL-U otherwise every time I restarted the path was reset. Will remember to broaden my search next time.

Coming form experimenting on 3DMax I’m quite impressed with bender and it’s taken about 2 days to adjust to the shortcuts and the mouse buttons.

Thanks again for your help.