Loading PFtrack .py export into Blender

I’m not sure if I’m doing this right or wrong. I’ve loaded the .py exported from PFtrack by opening it as a text file in Blender and running it with alt-p.

It loads the tracking features in 3d space, and the camera too, (awesome) but it does not create the video footage’s plane. I’m not sure if and/or how I can place my animated character in the scene without being able to see the video footage. :spin:

Can anyone help?

This tutorial includes instructions on setting a video as the background of your 3D window, in camera view.

Thanks, that did it. Now I just have to figure out how to render with the background.

You could load it as the backbuffer, which simply puts the video “behind” your models. Go to Render buttons (F10); in the Output panel, click the folder icon next to //backbuf and load your video, then turn on the check-box to the right of that input box.

But you will get much better control if you use Blender’s node-based compositor to composite the 3D scene with your video sequence. This will let you add blur, color balance, DOF and many other effects to your epic scene. Blenderunderground.com has an excellent introduction to composite nodes in Blender.