Loading VDB simulated fluid fire and smoke from 2.79 in to 2.83

I can see that when I try to load older fluid simulations with vdb (dont like to simulate with mantaflow, that´s why)
The vdb files in sequences are not recognized by Blender 2.83, and thus not loaded.
When you export out from blender 2.79, there is not many options to set any file naming, other than setting an index number, but this will not help …it will only add aditional numberings, tried with some letters such as F$, but that is not valid.

Normally the vdb comes out with the name “_000001_00.vdb” or _000001_01 if you set index nr 1…
And that isn´t recognizable in 2.83.

So I had to batch rename it, so I used ACDsee selected all files, to have a single number digit sequence…so all goes from 1-90 for example, now that will load in blender 2.83, so the problem could be solved, but it´s not smoothly having to batch rename with another tool.

Just a note if anyone else want´s to import files from the older simulations as vdb files.
Still would like to know if there is a direct way to set proper file sequence numbering in 2.73 for the cached vdb files, I find it weird that at first glance you can´t?
I thought it was possible to change that…but I can´t find something like that

Isn´t there anyone having an answer to this`?
Is it a problem, could it be resolved?

I need to know if we can save out the cached fluid files (vdb) from blender older fluids 2.79.3 in a proper sequenced filenamne format, so that blender 2.83 can read the sequence properly.

Currently it doesn´ recognize These sequences, even if that is checked when trying to import “_000001_00.vdb” or _000001_01

It can import 1,2,3 for instance, so that is why I batch rename it…then it works, but I rather would skip that process of batch renaming.

And as I mentioned, the indexing fields doesn´t seem to be able to do much, using external and the options to change index number seem to be of no use here…or I just missed something.

The funny thing though, in Lightwave I could load these sequenced vdb files from blender 2.79.3, but blender 2.83 doesn´t.

Still no reply, so trying again over 5 months later…

Doesn´t anyone really know wether or not it is possible to change indexing number prefix on vdb cached files in blender 2.79 ??

When I simulate the smoke out from 2.79 to vdb, I can read those files without problem in Lightwave, but blender 2.92 doesn´t.

I can do a workaround and bulk rename the vdb cached files from _000001_00 to 1,2,3 etc…and that will work to load the cached files in to blender 2.92, but I rather avoid bulk renaming it if it is possible?

I just can´t see how to change the prefix in the index number field, I need to get rid of _000001_00 and have at least only index prefix of 01,02,03 etc or 1,2,3.

Thank You.