Local Camera resolution settings

Hello all

I know it’s a subject that comes back quite often, but I’ll state my case anyway

I have a lot of cameras on my scene with different resolution on each one, I want those cameras to keep their local resolution settings, is it possible ? maybe through an addon ?

The only way around it is to create a new scene ,which becomes very messy since I have lots of cameras, and my final goal is to have all of them in my scene and having them all with the same scene resolution does not work for me …

If you have any clues about how to work around this issue it would definitely help !!

Thanks !


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I’m pretty sure I’ve seen some commercial addons that does that a long time ago.

by default blender wont allows for that since resolution is a scene settings rather than a camera settings. Probably because blender was thought more with animation in mind rather than static images.

I’d look into blendermarket or google the problem and you’ll probably find something if no-ones recall of that addon name …