Local Warming: A Public Service Announcement On Men's Health

This was an assignment in my sequential imaging class; to choose a video from ted.com and create an animation based off of it. I chose a tongue-in-cheek presentation about how laptops can be bad for the male reproductive system. You have been warned:



I know what you’re thinking: “Rocketman, you magnanimous man-deity- this doesn’t look like Blender at all!”

Well, you’re wrong. I used Blender for about 90% of my pipeline. I even used it to render the scratched-film appearance. The rest was Inkscape for the illustrations, and After Effects for some text transitions.

I hope it makes you chuckle…

Whew, thanks for the share! Yay. I better start thinking now if I want some of my dna to be successfully passed on. ;p

Thanks, reynante! Now help me spread the word…

Wow…I literally lol’d. Good vid!

Definitely ROTFLMAO. :cool:

There are some really nice touches in this video, like “scratches on the film” and a slight shadowboxing effect, and a very compressed audio track. Just like those training films that some of us did have to sit through. Very, very well done.

(And, BTW, clean. Racy, but in a tongue-in-cheek way.)

I’m glad you think it’s relatively clean. I was afraid the humor might be a little too edgy, but it was for a grade, after all…

Well, there are some ultra prudish members here, but I strongly doubt that even they would complain about this.

With regards to that actual animation, the spinning globe could do with a bit more work, but overall I really liked the style and the humor.

rofl that was really funny.

also guess where my laptop is at this very moment, whooops

So… laptops are the solution to overpopulation and global warming. :slight_smile:

You have to tell us what grade you got for this assignment.

…or no shorts at all!
nicely done, rocketman. very funny movie! :slight_smile:

where did you get such a good narrator? or was it part of the video from ted?

That was fucking awsome.

That was great! Perfect choice for the narrator voice, btw. Very 1950’s educational film.
Most all of the lines were hilarious.

Oh my god, i haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! Right after the first baseball that was it for me! And guess what i was doing when i watching that…sitting on the couch with my laptop on my lap! Great work rocketman!

I saw this at the TN Blender mini conference last week… It still makes me LMAO. I wouldn’t worry about it being too edgy. Yes, the subject is a bit mature, but I think you tackled it in a very tasteful way. Normally I like to give a bit of constructive criticism, but honestly I can’t think of a single thing that needs improvement. Most excellent.

Thanks guys! I just checked my grades, and I’m proud to announce that I made a grade of A- in the class. That was up from my previous mid-term grade of C+, so I can only assume that this animation got very high marks to bring up the average.

I wouldn’t argue with an A-, well done!

Lots of fun to watch that at siggraph.

Now I know your nickname :slight_smile: