Locate texture files quickly

I have a character I animate in mulitple blend files. I have one folder that has all the textures to the character in it. The problem is I want to put it on my laptop and work on the character on the go. The problem is for each and every blend file it wants me to tell it the location of all the characters textures (which is a lot). Is there any fast way I can just change the file it checks for all the textures? I really dont wanna point each material to it’s texture because there are so many. All I did was copy and paste the folders onto my laptop (through flash drive) the same folder names and everything. It just wants me to tell it where the textures are. Thank you to anyone who can help me!

See if file menu -> external data -> make all paths relative and find missing files from the same menu helps. With find missing files you should be able to tell your asset .blend to look the textures from the correct location.

Thank you JA12 that fixed it! Now I can work on this project anywhere. Your awesome thanks for your help.