Locating crash log file [following instructions, can not find it]

Hi. I am trying to find this:

On Windows the location is determined by the environment variable TEMP. If you haven’t modified this environment variable, it will point to C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Local\Temp\. In order to locate the crash log, open the Windows Explorer (Win+E) and type %TEMP% into the path bar. The name of the crash log be the same as your project file, but with the file extension .crash.txt. If you haven’t previously saved the project before, it will be blender.crash.txt.

The search %TEMP% doesn’t bring any results.

Is it possible the file is located in a different folder?

Thank you

As the docu says: blender temp dir (depends on settings)
and the blender crashes file is calles blender.crash.txt

“depends on settings”? Would you help me to locate the folder or point out where to check that folder?

i already did… you have to read it:

The temporary directory is selected based on the following priority:

  • User Preference (see File Paths).
  • Environment variables (TEMP on Windows, TMP & TMP_DIR on other platforms).
  • The /tmp/ directory.

Yes… it’s the first one… if you didn’t changed it … → T*MP*-directory…

Hi. I am having new issues with Blender; I have not changed the folder where temps are saved. Still can not find any txt file related to the file.

Is it possible Blender does not always write it?

Of course it may crash that badly that there is no crashlog written… but you might want to start with any additional debug options…