Location constraint bug?

Hello, there appears to be this bug with location constraint where an object hitting the location limit jerks a little. Can you test the file please and tell me if you get the same thing? Here’s how to see the bug:

  • start game engine,
  • press leftarrow or rightarrow to move the box.
  • If you hold rightarrow to get all the way to the constraint limit and then release the key, the cube moves back a little. The leftarrow works fine, the cube stops at the constraint limit and stays there.

Here’s the blend:

40 people have computers to read this thread but unfortunately no Blender to test the file? :slight_smile:


I’m here to respond.

Same thing here.

  • changed -0.10 to 0.10 and 0.10 to -0.10 : happens on the opposite side
  • changed to dynamic and use linV : no problem (cubes moves back a little little on both sides).
  • changed to dynamic and use Force : the constraint location actuator couldn’t keep the cube between Min and Max value.

Hi there could be a lot of reasons why it’s working they way it is… a lot of people have looked at the thread and have not been able to help because your description of what the problem is…is quite vague… ie. not specific enough to bother dld’ing the blend. You description of the movement sounds like it’s working normally.

Well… DLD’d… and is kinda strange… if you put damping on… it springs back on both sides… it looks as if it is using a force to move the object… hmmm… maybe Benoit should have a look at this or something. It could be bug or it could just be the way the physics engine works. Hard to tell.

Thank you both for your feedback :slight_smile:

So it’s safe to say this is a bug. I’ll report it to the bug tracker.