location of panel ?

if i run a script in text editor the new panel i made is added at the end of a user panel

but when i run it as an addon
it will be added almost at the beginning of the user panel

is there a way to tell it to be added at the end of the user panel ?


No, you can’t change order with python. And initial order depends on registration / module loading.

ok why is there a difference for panel location
between running it in text edtior and as addon

asd addon it makes it more difficult to see it has been added !

i can see it but for a noobie he might search it cause it is almost invisible!
i can always add some weird lines to better see it !


'cause addons are loaded during startup, if you run from text editor it is executed last, hence ends up at the bottom

and for panel there is no prepend or append attribute
to locate the panel!

would be a nice feature
to get samething between the run in text editor or as addon!


Panel location is purely a user preference thing. I don’t want some annoying addon I use once in a blue moon to sit at the top of my toolbar every time I open Blender. I want to position the panels myself and save the startup blend so it’s the same next time.

Running a script from the text editor is a temporary thing, if you want to use the script several times just make an addon out of it and have it load on startup.

i would prefer to use the runner script to upload my prefered scripts when i need to

and many times i simply copy many of my simple scripts in the text editor!

problem is that when you use 2 or 3 SVN per week it becomes a burden to always copy addons
and install is not something i prefer/like anyway!

but i do find strange that panel location is changing !



a tip.

there are more than one folders where blender stores addons. Before I found out about this I was also copy pasting after each svn build.

>>> bpy.utils.script_paths("addons")
['F:\\BlenderSVN\\cmake-build\\bin\\Release\\2.69\\scripts\\addons', 'C:\\Documents and Settings\\batFINGER\\Application Data\\Blender Foundation\\Blender\\2.69\\scripts\\addons']

The first folder above is populated via make INSTALL. The second is where I keep my personal addons and is not touched by a build. You only need to copy the folder when the version changes, eg copy …/2.68/… to …/2.69/… Make sure you only have one version of an addon across all addon folders.

well i think the runner script is not dependant on new Version have you seen it ?
it will even offer a menu with your scripts and you can add more
very interesting one!

first line of code
you run this in the conosle ounce ?
waht is thsi addons is is name of something like a folder or a script ?
second line oklooks like path to a folder where you wold kepp your scripts i guess

but looks same name then an existing folder = addon